Is Live Online Blackjack a Better Choice?

Live online blackjack has become an increasingly popular offering in many casino sites. Although many players love online blackjack, they don’t like the fact that a program is randomly dealing the cards. They miss having a live dealer dealing out the cards to the players. For these players, the casino created a hybrid game that combined the convenience of playing online with a live dealer.

The way these live games work is that there is a live cam focused on the dealer while he is dealing the cards. The dealer is seated on an actual blackjack table in a real casino. As the dealer deals out the cards, they are scanned and appear on the player’s monitor. Once his first two cards appear, the player can decide on what move he wants to make. Otherwise, the game is played in the same way as any other game of online blackjack.

Why Play Live Online Blackjack?

There are many advantages of these live games including:

  • To ensure the game is honest. While cheating at online sites is very rare, due to the high level of scrutiny they are subjected to, it occasionally happens. But when you are seeing the cards dealt in real time in front of a web cam by an actual dealer, these concerns are alleviated. The dealer cannot manipulate the game by choosing which cards are dealt to you, unlike a computer program that can be manipulated to deal certain cards to players that ensures the house would win more often.
  • Deeper penetration in the deck. Players who are card counters would, of course, not admit it since this practice is discouraged by the casinos. Card counting is impossible with a blackjack program since the cards are dealt randomly and essentially “shuffled” after every hand. On the other hand, a live dealer does not reshuffle the cards after every hand, but only after around three-fourths of the deck has been dealt. This makes card counting possible since there is enough penetration into the deck to allow the player to make an accurate count and increase the edge he has over the house.
  • Being able to look for “tells”. Veteran blackjack players believe that every dealer has a “tell”, a facial tic or a gesture that indicates whether or not they have a good hand. For example, a dealer might blink if he sees his hole card is a low number. These tics give players who are wise to them an edge since they’ll know how to make their next move by interpreting them.
  • Enjoying the live experience. One of the things that many players miss when they play blackjack online is the sight of an actual dealer dealing the cards in front of them. Live online blackjack recreates this experience in many ways. In addition, the casino will usually ensure that you get a good show by getting an attractive dealer to work the table.

How Much Does Live Online Blackjack Cost?

It depends on the casino. Since this is an extra service that requires more effort to provide, the casino might charge a fee to players who want to avail of it. They will have to hire dealers to work in front of the cameras. Because of the expense of hiring dealers, live games are generally not offered on a twenty-four hour basis or may be offered only on certain days. This means that you will not be able to find a game going all the time and you may have to adjust your schedule if you want to participate in live blackjack games. This may be inconvenient for you if your free time does not correspond with the times the games are being played.

Other than a possible entry fee, there are generally no additional fees associated with live games. Check the fee schedule of the particular casino site that offers it to confirm if they charge extra and how much it costs.

Should I Play Live Online Blackjack?

If you can find a casino that offers it, you can try it out to see if you enjoy it more than the regular online blackjack. Otherwise, there are really no basic advantages to playing with a live dealer on a webcam as opposed to playing on a blackjack platform.