Casino Sites

One of the determining factors why Blackjack is so popular is the fact that any number of players can play it anywhere. You can play for 5 minutes or you can spend the whole evening. You can enjoy the game with your spouse or a friend, betting chores or dares. Or you visit a casino (alone or with a bunch of friends) and play for real money.

The age of the internet now allows you to also play by yourself. If you have some free time, you visit any of the large online casinos and play any variant of Blackjack with a dealer and players around the world. Some online casinos even have live video feed of dealers that unsurprisingly are mostly attractive ladies.

Blackjack live or online?

All types of Blackjack can provide you with hours of fun and excitement. And you don’t even need money. Of course, no casino nearby will not let you play for play money but most of the online ones offer play money games aside to real money Blackjack. And even real money games have various opportunities to play for free.

How to play Blackjack online

To play Blackjack online, you first need to register a free account. You get a usual registration form and need to verify your email. And then you decide whether you want to play for play money or real money. The latter requires to make a deposit (different casinos online offer deposits/withdrawals via credit cards, e-wallets and wire transfers). Now it’s time to choose your game and stakes. Most casinos allow you to bet as little as $0.10 per hand. Good luck!