Betfair Casino Review

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  • Massive 400% deposit bonus
  • World-known brand
  • Publicly traded company
  • Life Chat
  • Great VIP program
  • Special Blackjack bonus
  • Lacks promotions

You probably heard about BetFair Casino and want to know more about the site. Here’s a detailed review of the site as well as its main features and some of its drawbacks.
First of all, the website link or the name of the casino is easy to remember and looks professional. People who are looking for a decent casino website will first look at the name of the casino. It does not help if the name is not professionally looking since they think that it is just a scam website. Good thing about the Bet Fair casino is that they have a decent name.
Another thing that makes an impression to visitors is the user friendly homepage of the site. It already provides a brief overview on what the site has to offer. You can choose from the wide variety of games being offered by the Bet Fair. They have anything from slot games, table games and even poker. It will also not be a problem if players do not know how to play the game since each game has a demo feature which will show you how the game will be played. The only downside is that you need to login first before you can see the demo which makes it exclusive to their members and can possible result to a loss of potential client.

Dedicated Bonus

The unique thing about Betfair Casino is that they offer bonuses. It is not just a referral bonus which works only if you refer a friend. They offer a 400% first deposit bonus up to £400. You can deposit £100 and receive £400 as bonus money. It can be a good start for those who do not want to invest a lot of money when they begin playing. The sign up bonus serves as a token of appreciation for joining the site which you can use to test the water first by playing some of their games and later on investing some more money if you want. There are other bonuses you can avail by depositing at a certain day or time. The only thing players need to do is to invest on the best day at time they possibly think that they will yield better bonus. What I did not like about these bonuses is that they require players to deposit at a certain time which is quite a hassle for those who work until late hours. It will be better if they will offer the same bonus to anyone who deposits money at any given time.


The games being offered on the site are quite interesting. Some of them are old time classics such as Black Jack, Russian Roulette, and Poker. Despite having the classic games on the site, they also offer brand new games which attract the attention of other players. Players will definitely have a great time playing with the wide selection of games the site has to offer. The only disadvantage of having too many games is that players might end up investing their money on every game they see instead of mastering one game they are really interested into. Some games also require a lot more time to load which is kind of frustrating especially if that is the game you really want to play. I think it would be better if they will provide different sites for each type of game and not having them on a single website.

Security and Concerns

Security and privacy are the most important things when it comes to playing on an online casino. Bet Fair Casino has a top of the line security system which protects their players as well as their personal information. They also do not sell their clients’ account details to any third party program. On top of that, they have a customer support available 24 hours a day 7 days a week which makes it really easy to address a player’s concern. They also provided their contact numbers to make it easier for players to reach them.

VIP Club

Just like other casino sites, Betfair Casino also has a VIP club which rewards loyal players. They reward players based on how they play the games like for example, if someone bets $1 on slots, then the player will receive 100 loyalty points. These points accumulate as VIP members play more on the site and the more loyalty points they acquire the better rewards they will be receiving. It is quite a nice move for them to reward their members based on their loyalty but the only concern is that it might be hard for some players to reach certain loyalty level since some of them are just playing to relieve their stress or to relax.

Mobile Casino

Betfair Casino took advantage the advancement of technology and offered a mobile app which lets you play their casino games where ever you are at any given time. The Betfair Casino mobile app is available for both Android and iOs users and can be downloaded for free. With the mobile app, you can still access your favorite games and still play with your tablet or mobile phone. One of the disadvantages of the Betfair Casino mobile app is that you can only play limited games like Blackjack, Wolf Run, Bonus Poker, Pro Blackjack, Roulette Royal, Cats, Grand Monarch, Roulette, Kitty Glitter, Double Bonus Poker and Jacks or Better Poker. Another disadvantage is that the screen might be too small and might affect the way you play the game.


Overall, BetFair Casino is a decent website and has a lot of perks being a member of. If you are looking for a reliable and legit casino online, then I recommend joining BetFair Casino. They might have some minor flaws as of now but with the growing number of players, I am sure they will be doing some major overhaul on their system which will surely boost their players’ satisfaction. Make sure you invite some of your friends to join the site and who knows what exciting rewards you and your friends can get.

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