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Blackjack aka 21 is among the best known card games in the world. Its popularity can be easily explained as it’s simple to learn and very fun to play. And every other movie about cards or gambling included someone playing blackjack. For example, “21”, “Hangover”, “Rainman” and many others. You might like it, as well!

You don’t have to be or at least dress up like James Bond to play Blackjack. Today’s it’s really an everyday man’s game. It’s incredibly easy to learn but at the same time it’s impossible to get bored playing. Even if you do with one game, there are a dozen of other variants.

George, be a good tipper

Even if you’re John or Mike, don’t get offended if you are called a George playing Blackjack. It’s a compliment meaning you’re a good tipper (it probably originates from George Washington being on $1 dollar bill).

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Basic Blackjack aka 21 Rules

General Blackjack rules are really simple and that’s what makes it so fun. There are some strategies, tips and tricks you can use but mainly it’s your hand against a dealer. Whoever is closest to 21, wins. If you or the dealer exceeds 21, loses. You are always first to act however if the dealer has 21 to begin with, he automatically wins.

Blackjack has been played for hundreds of years. Just like any other game it has evolved or was transformed to form other variations. Each and every one of them is available via online casinos. Do you have a favorite?

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